About Edenmind

Edenmind is a personal development app for the modern muslim based on works by An-Nawawi, Ibn Al-Qayyim, Ibn al-Jawzi, Ibn Rajab and Ibn Taymiyyah — may Allah be pleased with them.


Hot to use

  • Plan your day with habits from the Sunnah.
  • Review what you accomplished.
  • Evaluate weekly and monthly progress.
  • Reflect on personal advices from scholars.
  • Evaluate yourself.


Get answers to

  • Was this week better than the previous?
  • When did I miss a prayer last time?
  • How much Qur’an have I read this month?
  • Which is my best weekday?
  • Which was my best month ever?
  • Which habits are my strongest?
  • How many days in a row have I done a certain habit?


Regarding self evaluation have Al-Hassan said that just as the individual should have a time at the beginning of the day when he promises to control himself and to do righteous deeds, he should also have a time at the end of the day when he evaluates himself and takes stock of himself and all that he did, just as traders in this world do with their partners at the end of every year or month or day.

Those who have the easiest time on the Day of Judgment are those who take themselves to account for Allah’s sake in the worldly life.