My name is Jonas Andréasson and I live in Sweden, one of the Nordic countries. I was born 31 years ago not very far from Råshult, the birthplace of Carl Linnæus, who gave all flowers their Latin names and laid the foundation for the botanical sciences.

Photography and nature have been passions for much of my life. I have lived, traveled, and photographed regions of the United States, China, Europe and the Middle East before finally returning to the nature I grew up in as a child.

I have chosen to only photograph nature close to where I live. In this way, I do not have to travel around the world to find beauty, but can reach it through a simple bike ride or a walk. This is what I call “eco-friendly photography”.

My two main tools are sunlight and patience. Often, it will require close to 1000 images of only one flower until it ultimately feels right. I am willing to do this because I want to take flower photography to another level. As Linnaeus himself said, “The first step in wisdom is to know the things themselves.” It is not enough that the image is beautiful – it must be exceptionally beautiful and it must convey a clear message that leads to reflection and dialogue about its meaning.

To capture every flower’s natural beauty I only shoot outdoors without artificial flashes or studio lighting. Although many other photographers use images that are a result of manipulation by a computer program such as Photoshop, I know that it is the sun’s rays which truly create these amazing effects. Everything is naturally beautiful.

The world that we live is very brittle and vulnerable to human impact. Even if my efforts have no great influence, I nevertheless think it is important for all businesses, large and small, to try introduce a certain degree of environmental awareness into their vision. This means, among other things, that lives on a green web hosting server that is CO2 neutral, that I don’t travel very far when working, and that the paper used for printing is one of the most environmentally friendly papers currently available.